10K Drag Shootout 8 Videos


It all comes down to this – 1/8th mile of no prep track. After a catastrophic ending to the first day of racing, two teams are struggling to have a running racecar for eliminations. The first to the finish line wins $10k and gets to keep their car while the other teams walk away with nothing.

Episode: 8
Runtime: 00:22:23


It’s race day! The teams have a limited number of qualifying rounds to dial their cars in, and battle for the number one slot. Tensions are high, and when you push a team too far…there may be no coming back.

Episode: 7
Runtime: 00:22:13

Out of Time

It’s a race to get to the race. The teams are on the dyno to dial their budget racecars in before they compete on the drag strip. But it’s day 10 and one car hasn’t even started yet.

Episode: 6
Runtime: 00:22:29

Dialed in

Fire in the hole! We have running racecars! A new team member proves to be problematic for Team Out in Front. We have a team ready for the dyno. Will they be the first team to break 1,000 horsepower?

Episode: 5
Runtime: 00:22:39

Over Budget

Halfway through the build and three of the four teams are making great progress, but the pandemic has proven to be a major hurdle for Team Villain Squad. At the point of no return, we may not have four complete racecars.

Episode: 4
Runtime: 00:22:13

Missing Parts

Three days into the build and the pressure is higher than ever. The teams begin playing mind games on each other while drivetrain components come together. There is a gray area…but one team takes it too far.

Episode: 3
Runtime: 00:22:27

Gut Everything

Day 1 of the 10-day build, has the teams thrashing to tear down their cars. Each team formalizes a plan for their build combination, but there are already problems. Teams are making questionable build decisions that can affect their combinations.

Episode: 2
Runtime: 00:22:21

The Teams

Four teams arrive in California for the $10K Drag Shootout No Prep Edition. After revealing the cars, the teams must compete for their chance at first pick of chassis. Car choice is crucial and can make or break a team in the next ten days.

Episode: 1
Runtime: 00:22:03