Best in the Desert - 2017 5 Videos

Pahrump Nugget 250: Pahrump, NV

The General Tire Pahrump Nugget 250 Presented by Lucas Oil. Join us in Pahrump, Nevada, for the final race of the year! Championships will be decided!

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Tonopah 250: Tonopah, NV

For the first time since 2001, the Best In The Desert Series is back for the General Tire Tonopah 250 Presented by Lucas Oil. This will be one fast, technical and dusty race.

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Vegas to Reno: Las Vegas, NV

This is the longest off road race in America. Drivers must be ready to take on anything, physically and mentally. It's the General Tire Vegas to Reno Presented by Lucas Oil.

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Laughlin Desert Classic: Laughlin, NV

The 16-mile course is filled with big deep woops, high berms, side by side starts and the famous street jump. It's the General Tire Laughlin Desert Classic Presented by Lucas Oil.

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Parker 425: Parker, AZ

We're back in Parker, Arizona, to kick off the new 2017 Best In The Desert Season. More than 300 competitors, less than half will cross the finish line. Get ready for the General Tire Parker 425 Presented by Lucas Oil.

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