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Micro Sprint Car Spins Into The Wall

At The 31st Annual Tulsa Shootout, Doug Nunes catches dirt, causing his Micro Sprint Car to spin into the wall during the 1200cc Non Wing A-Main.

Runtime: 00:00:31

Micro Sprint Car Rolls in the Air

At The 31st Annual Tulsa Shootout, Alex Grigoreas' Micro Sprint Car flips in the air during the 1200cc Non Wing A-Main.

Runtime: 00:00:47

Pro 4 Rolls 3 Times & Lands On the Barricade

Ricky Johnson gets caught turning into the corner, rolls three times and then lands on a guard rail during the Pro 4 Lucas Oil Off Road Series in Tooele, Utah.

Runtime: 00:00:47

Kyle Hart Nose Dives His Pro Lite

Kyle Hart catches too much air causing him to nose dive, flipping into the air and finally landing on his side during the Pro Lite Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series at Wild West Motorsports Park in Reno, Nevada.

Runtime: 00:00:59

Rob MacCachren Rolls & Keeps Running

Rob MacCachren was leading the Pro 4 race until he catches a rut and rolls during Round 8 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in Tooele, Utah. Unfazed, he started back up and finished the race on the podium!

Runtime: 00:00:57

Smash Car Compilation

This is as crazy as it gets for demoing your car. First, your ride has to make it through a Figure 8 race, then it ends in a viscous Demolition Derby, the fans go crazy for this Event and the Drivers don't hold back the punches!

Runtime: 00:01:14

Barron's Big Roll Ends Up in a Burnt Truck

One of the most vicious crashes in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series - Pro 4 Class ends in the best way possible, considering such a scary situation. Eric Barron was battling for the lead against Kyle LeDuc, when Barron catches a lip on the course sending him spinning.

Runtime: 00:02:39

Crash Compilation - II

Rock Crawling, Go Cart Racing, Demolition Derbies, Off Road Trucks, EnduroCross Dirt Bikes, and Cars on Fire! We aren't holding anything back for the Second Edition of Auto Racing Crash Compilations!

Runtime: 00:01:22

Curt LeDuc Rolls, Keeps Driving & Rolls Again

Professional Off Road Veteran Driver Curt LeDuc was chasing down Carl Renezeder when he loses time after rolling into a corner. However, still able to continue racing, LeDuc's right front gets damaged and drives him straight into the trees!

Runtime: 00:01:54

Off Road Crash Compilation

Off Road Racing is sometimes hard to go watch... but with Series like the Lucas Oil Off Road and EnduroCross bringing Off Road action to Short Course arenas, it's easy to see the difficulties that these racers endure.

Runtime: 00:00:44

Trophy Truck Crashes at the Henderson 250

Scott Whipple was looking to make a pass on a Class Competitor of the “Best In The Desert Series” when he steers off track, which puts him out of control.

Runtime: 00:00:34

Off Road Driver Kyle Hart Rolls Over 11 Times

In the Final Round of the 2013 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Pro Lite Series, Kyle Hart is right in the middle of a three way battle, hitting door-to-door off one of the biggest jumps, Kyle is sent for one of the most dangerous and fastest rolls down the landing!

Runtime: 00:01:37

Stock Car Crash Compilation

This style of ride goes back to the grass-roots weekend-warriors that go as fast as they can around their local racetracks. These wrecks can happen to anyone during any race and nobody is 100% safe from the carnage!

Runtime: 00:01:41

Rodrigo Ampudia Nose Dives at Elsinore

Rodrigo Ampudia is known for putting the pedal to the metal and charging hard at the Lucas Oil Off Road Races. Back in 2009 Ampudia sails off one of the jumps on the front stretch of the track and goes straight into a ridiculous nose dive. After the dust settles Ampudia is towed off giving the safety officials the sign that he's ok.

Runtime: 00:00:40

Road Course Crash Compilation

These are some EXPENSIVE crashes!! From Porsches to Lamborghinis, nothing is safe when you push it to the limits on the racetrack. Check out some of the worst wrecks from some of the highest-class road racers!

Runtime: 00:02:15

Wild Off Road Truck Flips at Wild West Motorsports Park

Round 11 of the Pro Lite LCQ Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series at the Wild West Motorsports Park in Reno, Nevada. Chris Lawrence powers over a jump and catches too much air, causing him to nose dive, flipping on his side. Unfortunately, this ended Chris' race day and he didn't Qualify for the Main Event, but he walked away from the crash and raced the very next day.

Runtime: 00:00:59

Train Race Roll Over

There's nothing like some good old Saturday Night Racing! Local tracks around the country hold some unique Events, and here's a taste of what they have to offer! Gary Oscarson drives the American Flag Truck Train deep into the corner, when he pushes the limits a little too far!

Runtime: 00:00:58

Off Road Motorcycles & Truck Crash Compilation

Check out all the mayhem from both 2-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles on the dirt, where nothing is predictable and anything is possible. The EnduroCross & Off Road drivers are some of the best in the world, but everyone gets in a little trouble from time to time.

Runtime: 00:00:44

Sprint Boat Crash Compilation

Port Angeles, Washington, is where some of the crazy high-speed G-force Sprint Boat adrenaline-junkies gather to master a much more insane course. These boats go fast and turn hard, but when the navigator and pilot aren't in sync, accidents happen.

Runtime: 00:00:59

Dave Darland Gets Into Some Caution Carnage

Racing at Perris Auto Speedway in Perris, California, Dave Darland was catching up to the pack and took turn 2 a little too fast, pushing him into the wall and going for the ride of his life!

Runtime: 00:00:39

Motocross Crash Compilation

There's nothing like the Great Outdoors! A little different from Supercross, Motocross takes the racers out of the stadiums and into the elements all across the country. The tracks also have big variations from one to the other and can catch some of the best riders off guard!

Runtime: 00:00:44

Off Road Sibling Rivalry Turns Disastrous

Things get a bit messy when brothers, Kyle and Todd LeDuc, race side by side in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Pro 4 class. A close battle sends Kyle for one of the worst crashes he's ever experienced. After the dust settled Kyle was able to climb out of his truck without any serious injuries.

Runtime: 00:01:01

Taddy Blazusiak is Nearly Ran Over

During an EnduroCross Race, Taddy Blazusiak gets hung up, laying him out right in front of Colton Haaker, who swerves in order to dodge the Series Champion!

Runtime: 00:00:37

Sprint Car Driver Gets Slammed

Blake Miller is in the middle of a heated battle with defending Sprint Car Champion Tony Jones, when Miller drives straight into the wall, his car ignites and he rushes to get out. Don't worry though an official is there to... um... well, help!

Runtime: 00:01:08

Gary Oscarson Jumps an RV

One of the celebrities of "Saturday Night Racing" Gary Oscarson, attempts to jump an RV Trailer. This is only one of Oscarson's many skills, which include; Trailer Racing, Roll Compositions, Demo Derbies, and anything else you can think of that has a motor and the possibility to SMASH it to pieces!

Runtime: 00:00:49

Super Slo-mo Off Road Wreck

Jeff Geiser goes for an insane ride in his Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Pro 2 Unlimited Truck, after being hit sideways over a tabletop jump. Watch this crazy wreck in ultra slow motion shot by a Phantom Camera at 1000 frames per second!

Runtime: 00:01:03

Hill Climb Crash Compilation

Motorcycle Hill Climbers are on high horse-powered machines that claw their way up super steep hills. These guys catch some enormous air off the terrain and it doesn't always work out in their favor!

Runtime: 00:02:42

Colton Haaker Endos Hard in Las Vegas

You can always expect a few crashes when you watch an EnduroCross race, and this is no exception. Colton Haaker charges over a log section when the rear tire bucks him a little too far forward and over his handlebars he goes!

Runtime: 00:00:42

2014 Best Chili Bowl Crashes

The Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals are all about BIG... BIG Names, BIG Crowds, BIG Horsepower and of course BIG WRECKS. Here are a few highlights from the 2014 Chili Bowl in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Runtime: 00:01:23

Boat Crash in Lake Havasu

Lee Warren was Qualifying in his Pro Modified Lucas Oil Drag Boat at an Event in Lake Havasu, when his pass took a turn for the worst!

Runtime: 00:01:08