Lokar Car Show - Season 6 13 Videos

Ceramic Coating

S6E13 - DIY Ceramic Coating for your show car.

Episode: 13
Runtime: 00:21:41

Seal Beach Car Show

S6E12 - The Seal Beach Car Show has been taking place for 33 years. Let’s go back in time and enjoy some of the past events.

Episode: 12
Runtime: 00:21:42


S6E11 - Legendary Pontiacs on full display with classic muscle cars and new generation vehicles.

Episode: 11
Runtime: 00:21:40

Jeep Show

S6E10 - This huge Jeep show exploded with over 4,000 jeeps and 10,000 attendees!

Episode: 10
Runtime: 00:21:16

Jeep Life

S6E9 - Get a big taste of the Jeep life when Jeeps take over the mountains of Tennessee!

Episode: 9
Runtime: 00:21:09

Ford Pick-Up Event

S6E8 - Experience the largest Classic Ford Pick-Up Truck event in the world.

Episode: 8
Runtime: 00:21:10

Classics & Exotics

S6E7 - Here’s your chance to see this rare collection of privately owned classics and exotics.

Episode: 7
Runtime: 00:21:42

Show Recap

S6E6 - Sam visits custom car and restoration shops in Greeneville, PA and recaps past shows.

Episode: 6
Runtime: 00:21:40

Hot Rodders of Tomorrow

S6E5 - Alabama MUSIC HALL OF FAME host this show with the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow and the School of Automotive Machinists & Technology.

Episode: 5
Runtime: 00:21:40

National Go Topless Day

S6E4 - Experience a Jeep owners dream vacation while celebrating National Go Topless Day with more than 2,000 Jeeps.

Episode: 4
Runtime: 00:21:42

Jeep Activities

S6E3 - A ton of Jeep activities combined with family fun hosted on “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches”.

Episode: 3
Runtime: 00:21:40

Unique Car Show

S6E2 - This unique car show will go above and beyond what you'd expect with amazing cars and detailing demos.

Episode: 2
Runtime: 00:21:40


S6E1 - SEMA’s amazing highly modified and customized vehicles fill the show floor.

Episode: 1
Runtime: 00:21:41