Lucas Oil... On The Edge! - 2012 11 Videos

Xtreme Rock Racing & Figure 8

In Xtreme Off-Road Rock Racing, the best 6 drivers go head to head twice. The driver with the lowest cumulative time is the victor from Jellico, Tennessee. Then the monsters of Figure 8 Racing battle the rain and the intersection for 50 Laps from the Speedrome in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Wheel Stand & Flat Track Vintage

Cars compete for the best wheel stand of the day. The one with the most violent wheel stand could take home the $20,000 prize from Byron Dragway in Byron, Illinois. Then, motorcycles from before 1975 take to the track for a highly competitive flat track race from Plymouth, Wisconsin.

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Swamp Buggy, Team Super Stock & ATV Race

Swamp Buggies maneuver their vehicles through the unpredictable sippy holes in Naples, Florida. Team Super Stock from New Zealand and ATV Races from Sikeston, Missouri.

Runtime: 00:22:30

Motorcycle Hill Climb & Drifting

Side by side motorcycle hill climbing on an extremely difficult hill, it's 450cc Verticross from Tracy, California. Then some side by side "Dog Fighting" where the drivers put their vehicles to the test with drifting from Indianapolis, Indiana.

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King of the Hammers: Ultra 4

4-Wheel Drive Vehicles compete in the ultimate race that combines long course Off Road Racing with Rock Crawling, it's King of the Hammers from Seymour, Missouri.

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Mud Drags & 4X4 Jamboree

Class 4 Mud Drags: Side by side dragsters barrel through the mud in Indianapolis, Indiana. 4x4 Jamboree: Tough Trucks compete head to head in the biggest 4-Wheel Drive event of the year.

Runtime: 00:22:31

24 Hours of Lemons

87 cars entered a unique endurance race where the cars cannot cost more than $500. Penalties are enforced in the most unusual ways. It's 24 Hours of Lemons, from Joliet, Illinois.

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Xtreme Off-Road Rock Racing & ATV Racing

We start off with some Xtreme Off-Road Rock Racing in Jellico, Tennessee, then we head to Missouri for some ATV Racing Action!

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Jet Boats & Mud Drags

Super Boat drivers and navigators only have four chances to memorize a tight technical track and complete it correctly, with the lowest ET from St. John, Washington. Then some Super Stock Mud Drag Trucks race side by side from the extremely muddy track from Monticello, Arkansas.

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Best of On the Edge!

We take a look back at the best Mud, Water, Ice, Snow and Dry Land Events!

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Top 5 Moments

We take a look at the Top 5 Mud, 2-Wheel, Off-Road and Funny Moments of the Season!

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