My Classic Car - 2016 26 Videos

Auto Museum & NPD Tools

S20E26 - Dennis makes his way to Fairbanks, Alaska, to check out the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum. Plus, he'll look at some restoration tools.

Episode: 26
Runtime: 00:22:02

Yellowstone Rod Run & Steele Rubber

S20E25 - Dennis travels to West Yellowstone, Montana, for the Yellowstone Rod Run. Plus, he'll take a look at custom catalogs for rubber parts.

Episode: 25
Runtime: 00:22:02

Chevy Resto Mods & Flaming River

S20E24 - Dennis heads to South Dakota to take a look at a couple of Chevy Resto Mods. Plus, he'll check out collapsible steering columns.

Episode: 24
Runtime: 00:22:02

Newport Hill Climb & Race Deck

S20E23 - Dennis travels to Newport, Indiana, for their annual hill climb. Plus, he'll take a look at modular garage flooring.

Episode: 23
Runtime: 00:22:02

70's Fords & Steel Rubber

S20E22 - Dennis heads to Ocala, Florida, to go for a spin in a couple of 70's Fords. Plus, he'll take a look at weather stripping for vent windows.

Episode: 22
Runtime: 00:22:02

Porsche Parade & Flaming River

S20E21 - Dennis makes his way to French Lick, Indiana, for the Porsche Parade. Plus, he'll check out some complete steering systems.

Episode: 21
Runtime: 00:22:02

Jay Leno's Cord & Premier

S20E20 - Dennis hangs out with Jay Leno, where they check out some of the Comedian's Classic Rides, including the Cord 812.

Episode: 20
Runtime: 00:22:02

Long Island Water front Car Show

S20E19 - Dennis heads to Glen Cove on the shore of Long Island, for the Gold Coast Cruisers Waterfront Car Show.

Episode: 19
Runtime: 00:22:02

Rambler Ranch

S20E18 - Dennis heads to Elizabeth, Colorado, to visit Terry Gale's "Rambler Ranch." Terry has Hundreds of Cars in his Collection, prepare to be Amazed!

Episode: 18
Runtime: 00:22:02

The Cars that time forgot

S20E17 - Dennis heads to Delavan, Wisconsin, for the event called "The Cars That Time Forgot."

Episode: 17
Runtime: 00:22:01

BMW 507 & Fiat Dino

S20E16 - This week Dennis heads to Stuart, Florida, to visit Jim Thomas, a big time Motorcycle Collector and Restorer. Not only does Jim have some amazing Classic Bikes, he also has some pretty Cool Cars up his sleeve.

Episode: 16
Runtime: 00:22:01

Fleetwood Country Cruize-In

S20E15 - This week Dennis heads to London, Ontario, for Steve Plunkett's Fleetwood Country Cruize-In.

Episode: 15
Runtime: 00:22:01

Wellborn Muscle Car Collection

S20E14 - Dennis checks out a Muscle Car Collection. Plus, he’ll take a look at Vent Window Rubber Replacement.

Episode: 14
Runtime: 00:22:02

Cache Valley Cruise-In

S20E13 - Dennis makes his way to Logan, Utah, for the Cache Valley Cruise-In. Plus, he’ll look into the evolution of Media Blasting.

Episode: 13
Runtime: 00:22:02

Olds Pace Cars

S20E12 - Dennis fires up a couple of Olds Pace Cars. Plus, he’ll check out dash panel assemblies and A/C kits.

Episode: 12
Runtime: 00:22:02

Wheels of Time

S20E11 - Dennis heads to Macungie, Pennsylvania, for Wheels of Time. Plus, he’ll learn about Stainless Steel Restoration.

Episode: 11
Runtime: 00:22:02

Lincoln Cosmo & Model A Rod

S20E10 - Dennis goes for a spin in a Lincoln Cosmo and Model A Rod. Plus, he’ll take a look at Modular Garage Flooring.

Episode: 10
Runtime: 00:22:02

Cruisin’ the Coast

S20E9 - Dennis travels to the Gulf Coast for Cruisin’ the Coast. Plus, he’ll take a look at Sound Control products.

Episode: 9
Runtime: 00:22:01

4 Door Classics

S20E8 - Dennis takes out a couple of 4 Door Classics from the NPD collection. Plus, he’ll check out Weather Stripping for Vent Windows.

Episode: 8
Runtime: 00:22:01

Cruising Downtown Manchester

S20E7 - Dennis makes his way to New Hampshire for Cruising Downtown Manchester. Plus, he’ll take a look at Modern Tunes for Classics.

Episode: 7
Runtime: 00:22:01

Jay Leno’s Fiat Racer

S20E6 - Dennis checks out Jay Leno’s Vintage Fiat Racer. Plus, he’ll discuss the Evolution of Media Blasting.

Episode: 6
Runtime: 00:22:01

Vail Automotive Classic

S20E5 - Dennis heads to Vail, CO, for The Vail Automotive Classic. Plus, he’ll take a look at Cougar and Mustang parts.

Episode: 5
Runtime: 00:22:01

Dream Truck & Hot Rod

S20E4 - Dennis takes out The Dream Truck and a Vintage Hot Rod. Plus, he’ll check out a Bench Seat Upholstery Kit.

Episode: 4
Runtime: 00:22:01

Keels & Wheels

S20E3 - Dennis makes his way to Seabrook, Texas, for Keels & Wheels. Plus, he’ll learn about Bumper Restoration.

Episode: 3
Runtime: 00:22:01

Cartoon Customs

S20E2 - Dennis goes for a spin in a couple of Cartoon Customs. Plus, he’ll take a look at custom catalogs for rubber parts.

Episode: 2
Runtime: 00:22:01

Kool April Nites

S20E1 - Dennis travels to Redding, California, for Kool April Nites. Plus, he’ll look at Modular Flooring Options.

Episode: 1
Runtime: 00:22:01