My Classic Car - 2017 26 Videos

Ridgely Car Show

S21E26 - Dennis heads to Maryland for the Ridgely Car Show. Plus, he’ll get the latest on interior cleaning and conditioning.

Episode: 26
Runtime: 00:22:02

8 Flags Car Show

S21E25 - Dennis travels to Fernandina, Florida, for the 8 Flags Car Show. Plus, he’ll learn about event apparel manufacturing.

Episode: 25
Runtime: 00:22:02

Dodge Trucks

S21E24 - Dennis checks out a classic Dodge truck collection. Plus, he’ll learn about dash and AC kits.

Episode: 24
Runtime: 00:22:01

Santa Fe Concorso

S21E23 - Dennis makes his way to New Mexico for the Santa Fe Concorso. Plus, he’ll check out universal rubber weatherstripping.

Episode: 23
Runtime: 00:22:02

Olds Starfires

S21E22 - Dennis goes for a spin in a couple of Olds Starfires. Plus, he’ll learn how to remove swirls in paint.

Episode: 22
Runtime: 00:22:02

Atlantic Nationals

S21E21 - Dennis heads to Moncton, New Brunswick, for the Atlantic Nationals. Plus, he’ll talk about paint stripping units and support.

Episode: 21
Runtime: 00:22:01

Merc Woodies

S21E20 - Dennis goes for a spin in a couple of Mercury Woodies. Plus, he learns about vent window rubber replacement.

Episode: 20
Runtime: 00:22:02

Cruise Above the Clouds

S21E19 - Dennis travels to Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek for "Cruise Above the Clouds". Plus, he's checking out the latest in classic car radios.

Episode: 19
Runtime: 00:22:02

Rare 80's Performance

S21E18 - Dennis goes for a spin in a couple of rare 80’s performance cars. Plus, he’ll learn about the process of making modular garage floor tiles.

Episode: 18
Runtime: 00:22:02

Fleming's Pumpkin Run

S21E17 - Dennis meets up with Jay Leno and tours his amazing shop. Plus, he’ll learn about the process of starting a mobile blasting business.

Episode: 17
Runtime: 00:22:02

Traditional Hot Rods

S21E16 - Dennis travels to Bigfork, MT, for the Rumble in the Bay. Plus, he’ll get an overview on chrome plating.

Episode: 16
Runtime: 00:22:02

Rumble in the Bay

S21E15 - Dennis goes for a spin in a couple of traditional hot rods. Plus, he’ll talk about the latest sound deadening products.

Episode: 15
Runtime: 00:22:02

Jay Leno's Shop Tour

S21E14 - Dennis heads to Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, for the Fleming’s Pumpkin Run. Plus, he’ll check out some new parts for GM Classics.

Episode: 14
Runtime: 00:22:02


S21E13 - Dennis heads to Canada for RetroFest in Chatham, Ontario. Plus, he’ll take a look at rubber kits for classic Lincoln Continentals.

Episode: 13
Runtime: 00:22:02

Cruise the Gorge

S21E12 - Dennis travels to The Dalles, Oregon, for Cruise the Gorge. Plus, he’ll check out hood latch upgrades for classic trucks.

Episode: 12
Runtime: 00:22:02

Summer Elkhorn Car Show

S21E11 - Dennis makes his way to Wisconsin for the Summer Elkhorn Car Show. Plus, he’ll get an exclusive tour of the RaceDeck Speed Garage.

Episode: 11
Runtime: 00:22:02

Studebaker RestoMod

S21E10 - Dennis goes for a spin in a Studebaker RestoMod. Plus, he’ll get some tips on chrome plating.

Episode: 10
Runtime: 00:22:02

Emmett Show & Shine

S21E9 - Dennis makes his way to Idaho for the Emmett Show and Shine. Plus, he’ll take a look at radio upgrades for classic cars.

Episode: 9
Runtime: 00:22:02

Scarab & Maserati

S21E8 - Dennis takes out a Scarab and Maserati. Plus, he’ll learn about custom catalogs for rubber parts.

Episode: 8
Runtime: 00:22:02

Greenwood Car Show

S21E7 - Dennis travels to Washington State and checks out the Greenwood Car Show. Plus, he’ll take a look at new parts for classic Mustangs.

Episode: 7
Runtime: 00:22:02

Dead Man’s Curve Car Club

S21E6 - Dennis heads to the World Famous Hot Rod Farm in Montville, New Jersey, to hang with the Dead Man’s Curve Car Club.

Episode: 6
Runtime: 00:22:01

Ol’ Marais River Run

S21E5 - Dennis travels to Ottawa, Kansas, for the Ol’ Marais River Run. Plus, he’ll take a look at replacement truck tailgate bands.

Episode: 5
Runtime: 00:22:01

Jay Leno's Tatra & Lamborghini

S21E4 - Dennis goes for a spin in Jay’s Tatra and Lambo. Plus, he’ll check out how modular garage floor tiles are made.

Episode: 4
Runtime: 00:22:45

Warbirds, Wings & Wheels

S21E3 - Dennis makes his way to Paso Robles, California, for Warbirds, Wings & Wheels. Plus, he’ll check out a mobile media-blasting unit.

Episode: 3
Runtime: 00:22:02

Land Cruiser & Bronco

S21E2 - This week we head to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where Dennis meets with Mike Cimino to check out his hot rod Land Cruiser and Ford Bronco.

Episode: 2
Runtime: 00:22:01

Targa 66 & Steele Rubber

S21E1 - This week we head to Palm Beach International Raceway for Brian Redman's Targa 66 event. This event features many classic and iconic racing cars that will be put through their paces once again, just as they were in their glory years.

Episode: 1
Runtime: 00:22:02