My Classic Car - 2020 26 Videos

The Bubbletop King

S24E26 - Dennis visits Darryl Starbird’s collection Afton, Oklahoma. Plus, he learns about quality chrome and stainless restoration.

Episode: 26
Runtime: 00:21:17

Hagley Museum Car Show

S24E25 - Dennis heads to Wilmington, DE for the Hagley Museum Car Show. Plus, he gets a lesson on window felts and run channel.

Episode: 25
Runtime: 00:21:17

Ridgely Car Show

S24E24 - Dennis travels to Maryland for the Ridgely Car Show. Plus, he learns about restoration parts for trucks.

Episode: 24
Runtime: 00:21:17

Allard K2 and Kurtis Sport Car

S24E23 - Dennis fires up a couple of rare classics in Utah. Plus, he visits the winner of the “Coolest Garage” contest.

Episode: 23
Runtime: 00:21:17

60’s Mustang and Chevelle

S24E22 - Dennis goes for a spin in a Shelby Mustang and Chevelle from the 60’s. Plus, he gets the latest info on classic car sound systems.

Episode: 22
Runtime: 00:21:17

Jay Leno’s McLaren P1 Supercar

S24E21 - Dennis visits Jay Leno and goes for a spin in his McLaren P1. Plus, he checks out a new mobile blasting truck.

Episode: 21
Runtime: 00:21:17

1953 GM Gems

S24E20 - Dennis fires up a couple of GM classics from 1953. Plus, he learns about a versatile orbital polisher.

Episode: 20
Runtime: 00:21:17

Milwaukee Concours d’Elegance

S24E19 - Dennis travels to Wisconsin for the Milwaukee Concours d’Elegance. Plus, he gets a lesson on glass care.

Episode: 19
Runtime: 00:21:17

Gilroy Garlic City Car Show

S24E18 - Dennis heads to Gilroy California for the Garlic City Car Show. Great weather and about three hundred great cars.

Episode: 18
Runtime: 00:21:17

Highland Motoring Festival

S24E17 - This week Dennis visits the Highlands Motoring Festival up in the mountains.

Episode: 17
Runtime: 00:21:16

Ford GT

S24E16 - Today Dennis visits Florida to check out the American Muscle Car Museum and get a closer look at three generations of the Ford GT.

Episode: 16
Runtime: 00:21:17

Big Bear Fun Run

S24E15 - Dennis heads up to Big Bear Mountain to check out some cars at the Big Bear Fun Run.

Episode: 15
Runtime: 00:21:17


S24E14 - Today Dennis hangs out with Tom Lantz to check out his two Mercury's.

Episode: 14
Runtime: 00:21:17

Santa Cruz Valley Car Nuts Collector Car Show

S24E13 - Dennis travels to Arizona for the Santa Cruz Valley Car Nuts Collector Car Show. Plus, he’ll learn about the latest technology in ceramic paint coatings.

Episode: 13
Runtime: 00:21:16

Remember When Car Show & Fly-In

S24E12 - Dennis makes his way to Fresno, CA, for the Remember When Car Show & Fly-In. Plus, he’ll check out new rubber parts and get application tips.

Episode: 12
Runtime: 00:21:17

Wheelin’ Walla Walla Car Show

S24E11 - Dennis heads out to Washington for the Wheelin’ Walla Walla Car Show. Plus, he’ll learn about a new opportunity in the surface preparation industry.

Episode: 11
Runtime: 00:21:17

Rhinebeck Car Show

S24E10 - Dennis travels to New York for the Rhinebeck Car Show. Plus, he’ll get a lesson on protecting car paint.

Episode: 10
Runtime: 00:21:17

Cruisin’ the Coast

S24E9 - Dennis makes his way to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for Cruisin’ the Coast. Plus, he’ll visit a custom golf cart builder.

Episode: 9
Runtime: 00:21:17

Canadian Ford Meteors

S24E8 - Dennis goes for a spin in a couple of Canadian built Ford Meteors. Plus, he’ll learn about options for truck parts.

Episode: 8
Runtime: 00:21:17

Early Iron Festival

S24E7 - Dennis heads over to Alamosa, CO for the Early Iron Festival. Plus, he’ll check out suspension parts for classic cars.

Episode: 7
Runtime: 00:21:17

70’s Mega Cruisers

S24E6 - Dennis fires up a couple of 70’s mega cruisers. Plus, he’ll get a lesson on chrome plating.

Episode: 6
Runtime: 00:21:17

St. Ignace Car Show

S24E5 - Dennis travels to Michigan for the St. Ignace Car Show. Plus, he’ll learn about car drying and cleaning tools.

Episode: 5
Runtime: 00:21:17

Jay Leno’s Steam Machine

S24E4 - Dennis meets up with Jay Leno and goes for a spin in his 1925 Doble steam car. Plus, he’ll learn about the mistakes made when installing rubber weatherstripping.

Episode: 4
Runtime: 00:21:17

Northwest Deuce Days

S24E3 - Dennis heads out to Victoria, B.C. for Northwest Deuce Days. Plus, he’ll check out stereo system upgrades for classic cars.

Episode: 3
Runtime: 00:21:17

Munster Cars

S24E2 - Dennis checks out the DRAG-U-LA and fires up the Munster Koach. Plus, he’ll get a lesson on paint coating technology.

Episode: 2
Runtime: 00:21:17

Medford Cruise Classic Car Show

S24E1 - Dennis travels to Medford, OR for their annual classic car show. Plus, he’ll learn about a multifaceted restoration tool.

Episode: 1
Runtime: 00:21:17